La Geria

Using the cultivation system of sanding, vineyards are cultivated in Lanzarote since mid- 18th Century. The great volcanic eruption that ocurred between 1730 and 1736 submerged the best growing lands of the island under lava, slag and ash. This fact changed the cultivation of vines in excavated holes in cone shape that Project the plant from the wind building a short wall of stones around it. These holes have around 3m of diameter per 2,5m depth to get to fertile land, where the vine is planted. The volcanic land absorbs and conserves humidity, allowing then good absorption of rainwater and making difficult its evaporation.

This area of vineyards is known as La Geria, protected natural space since 1994 that covers five of the seven municipalities of the island: San Bartolomé, Teguise, Tías, Yaiza and Tinajo.




In other spots of the World, there are also vineyards on volcanic land, but Lanzarote’s plantation is unique in the whole World. La Geria has become a singular rural space of great beauty, where vine- growing tradition has been consolidated and has stayed inalterable, becoming an example of the inventivenees and hard work of the peolple from Lanzarote to optimise their natural resources.