Rules and regulations

1 Registration :

a) The registration involves the reservation of entries.

b ) The cancellation of the registration shall only be refunded for a justifiable major reason. Such refund must be requested by email to at least one week before the race .

The refund deadlines are as follows:

-Prior to May 20th, 50% of the registration fee will be refunded .
-From June 8th , no refund apply.

c ) The registration includes.

2 Participation Requirements:

a) For the long race, all participants must be 18 years and above on the race day.

b )For the short race, all participants must be over 16 years on the race day and they are required to seek parental/guardian consent, which must be completed, signed and handed when collecting the race pack.

c ) Participants under 12 years are allowed in the Trekking category with parental/guardian consent which must be completed, signed and presented when collecting the race pack; provided that, such minor is accompanied along the route by an adult who will take full responsibility.

d ) Participants agree to make known and have accepted the conditions of these Regulations.

e) The organization accepts no liability for any injury, accident or negligence , to both first and third parties , nor loss of participants´s personal belongings.

3. Participants obligations:

a) A sport attitude and respect for the environment

b ) Do not leave the trail marked by the organization for each of the categories.

c ) Do not litter or mess up the itinerary (there will be rubbish bins in the refreshment points along the route ) .

d ) Provide assistance to any participant or notify the nearest checkpoint.

e) Follow the instructions given by the the control team and the organization.

f ) Do not willfully obstruct another runner .

g ) Carry your race number visible at the front.

h ) In case of abandonment of the race, it is required to notify any member of the organization and return the bib number . The emergency and safety protocol requires us to count the numbers and verify the arrival of all participants once the race is complete, being this activated in the absence of any number .

i ) The WineRun is organized with an absolute respect for the environment . It is mandatory to respect the crops, livestock and private property in general.

j ) The race numbers are personal and not transferable.

k ) Do not modify, bend or hide the advertising material.

l ) The organization is required to remove from the WineRun circuit, anyone that does not wear a visible bib number.

4 Development of the race & route:

a) Bad weather is no obstacle to carry out the race as long as the weather conditions are not extreme and do not present danger to the physical integrity of the participants. The organization reserves the right to indicate an alternative route or to cancel the event.

b ) There is a checkpoint and a race track closing time as security measure for the participants in the long run. Runners must have passed the checkpoint located in Bodegas El Grifo before 11:00am; being disqualified otherwise.

c ) Bags , the organization is not responsible for the content of participants ‘ backpacks . Bags will be collected at the runners departure point and transported exclusively.

5. Documentation.

The organization will place on the website the following documents to download :
• Race Profile ; long and short .
• Route in Google earth , 3 days before the race.
• Parental consent form.

6. Refreshment.

There will be 10 points scattered around the course for runners and 5 for walkers. All refreshment points contain, besides wine from the various wine cellars, ice and water .

7. Image rights, advsertising and data protection.

The organizer reserves the exclusive right over the WineRun image as well as the audiovisual , photographic and journalistic exploitation of the competition.

8. Data protection.

a) By entering, participants consent to the organization of the competition , the treatment of personal data for sporting, promotional or commercial purposes.

b ) In accordance with Law 15 /1995 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data , the participant has the right to access these files in order to modify or cancel part or all of their content .

c ) In addition, the registered grant the organization the right to reproduce the name, surname, classification obtained and the participant ‘s own , category, the sports brand and image.