Save La Geria

It is possible that more than 5.200 hectares that draw our black desert are the principal exponent of   Lanzarote’s  culture and   idiosyncrasy, an island marked by the lack of water. A surviving island. A fragile and small territory, which if it,she went out forward was  thanks to the ingenuity and collective sweat of its people.

On the sunset of shade and gold of the principal zone of wine production of the island, the certainty is identified: our landscape is our principal source  of  wealth ; tied forever to a primary sector that we must promote, to a singular and plethoric gastronomy of pure, fruit  and mineral flavors; to a traveler who looks for particular realities and not substitutes.

Things always have a cause and a motivation. They are the result of a desire or a reason. We explained it to our Facebook fans. The Lanzarote WineRun is part of the Save La Geria project, a strategy involving the agricultural, tourist and cultural sector in the recovery and sustainable exploitation of this protected area.

Revitalización’s Plan of the Space Agroecológico of La Geria chases the economic, cultural, environmental and tourist sustainability of this landscape,  through the wine tourism  , the hiking, the recovery of agricultural degraded spaces and the putting in value of traditional paths, among other actions

Social responsibility is a defining feature of the Lanzarote WineRun. Because La Geria needs collective implications and attitudes ´ change. The challenge is to achieve a sustainable common good at the time and in this space.

A percentage of the proceeds  that the Lanzarote WineRun 2015 obtains  of the inscriptions and of the sale of merchandising will  also be  used for supporting social projects   . It is to generate employment for the groups at higher risk of social exclusion.

This project goes beyond sport and landscape protection. The Lanzarote WineRun pursues a space neat and designed for everyone. La Geria, saved by all and for all.