What is a Wine Runner?

– The winerunner is a kind in phase of expansion. Have been detected very similar traits and attitudes in several populations of planet Earth.
– They are lovers of the sport, the gastronomy and of their natural environment.
– They rely on their senses.
– They love wine.
– They enjoy, naturalness , of the sweat of the physical exercise.


His ideal space of development is La Geria, a protected landscape that overcomes 5.200 hectares of extension and that is drawn by volcanoes, solitary palms, large houses of the 18th century and grapevines that are harvested in a handcrafted way. It is the principal zone of production of the wines with Lanzarote´s P.D.O

In these crepuscular areas, the winerunner lives in harmony with his environment.His existence is not understood of the one without the other one.

His work was recognized in 1993 by the UNESCO, which granted to the island the title and environmental protection of the Reserve of the Biosphere for his perfect symbiosis among the men and women, and the nature


You will distinguish them for the sheen in their eyes. Because they have not lost the ability to get excited about. They use the knowledge inherited from parents, grandparents and older generations and combine it with the new technologies of the their era.

A winerunner have the majority needed to manage their passions and tastes without harming anyone.

He always thinks about group and long-term. He empathizes with those who preceded him and think of those who will succeed him.They have diurnal and nocturnal habits.

He is a being collaborative: He helps those who need it because he wants a cohesive and integrated society. he needs a space in which the common good is a reality.